Submitted by Kevin on Fri, 04/01/2016 - 16:26

Cadolto will start supplying roughly 330 modules to Kirkenes - a town located over 3,000 kilometres away in Norway - in the spring of 2016. This is where a regional hospital is currently being constructed using modular technology across 16,300 m² of floor space. The building, which will be concluded in September 2016, incorporates an A&E department, operating theatres and labour rooms, radiology laboratories and 54 beds, as well as surgical, medical and psychiatric outpatient departments.

Actual work on the new hospital building, designed as a two-storey modular construction with a plant control room located on the roof, commenced at Cadolto's factory in Cadolzburg, Germany, in July 2015. The new-build is additionally compliant with the Passivhaus standard and the very demanding requirements imposed by it in terms of thermal insulation and heat recovery. The customer did not originally have a modular construction in mind for the new hospital. The modules therefore had to be adapted to the conventionally planned floor layout to enable prefabrication of entire rooms in Cadolzburg. This helps to save an enormous amount of time on-site and facilitates rapid installation of up to six-metre wide modules on top of the conventionally constructed basement in Kirkenes. Seeing as Kirkenes is situated north of the Arctic Circle, the winters are very long and the time window during which construction is possible, as a result of the weather conditions, is very short. The Norwegian engineers were, therefore, highly impressed with the rapid on-site installation facilitated by the prefabricated Cadolto modules. The high quality of the "Made in Germany" product was also an important factor behind their decision. Cadolto landed the contract after beating of competition from seven rivals.